Social Policy


Social and charity programs are considered an integral part of the Company’s corporate strategy and contribute to constructive cooperation with the state, business circles and society. The corporate programs are of a targeted nature and based on regional professional experience and human potential. Moreover, the Company realizes that charity activities should not give rise to social dependency. For this reason, besides traditional kinds of charity, Npz-Holding Refinery’ ANK OAO offers strategic charity and social investment programs, which imply an interdependency of the solution methods for social problems and the Company’s strategic objectives. The joint activities of business, non-profit and public sectors aimed at solving the urgent social and economic issues faced by local communities are considered an integral part of this approach.

The Company’s activities are guided by two strategic trends:

– Social investments

– Sponsorship and traditional charity programs

Support for Children’s Homes and Educational Institutions

Providing support to children is considered a high priority of the Company, and as such is an integral part of all its programs: charity, sponsorship programs, the programs aimed at promoting children’s and youth sports and culture. Social investments in human capital are considered most feasible in modern conditions. The Company helps their graduates access education, improve their health, acquire a profession and achieve their full potential. Taking into account the limited budgets of sponsored institutions, the Company aids them in making repairs and improving adjacent facilities and equipping rooms and studies in order to provide better initial opportunities to the children. The children’s home “Zolotaya Kapelka”, located in the town of Kotovo , Volgograd Region, was constructed at the expense of oilmen; in the settlement Bolshoye Isakovo, Kaliningrad Region extensive repairs were made at boarding school No. 7. In addition, sponsored children’s homes receive an opportunity to purchase tutorial, educational literature and fiction, as well as medicine.

Annually, the Npz-Holding Refinery Charity Fund organizes summer vacations for children from sponsored children’s homes located in Ishim, Langepas, Kirov, St. Petersburg and Baku on the coasts of the Black and Caspian seas. Moreover, the residents of children’s homes are invited on educational tours across the country. For example, excelling students from children’s homes in Perm region, Langepas, Kirov and St. Petersburg spent their winter vacations in Moscow in January 2007 and 2008. Since 2006, the Npz-Holding Refinery Charity Fund has been awarding special Npz-Holding Refinery grants to the graduates of sponsored children’s homes who study at higher and secondary educational institutions. The Company makes sure children are looked after on New Year’s Eve, recognizing that it is their favorite holiday. New Year, gifts were bought and sent out to 37 children’s homes.  In Syktyvkar, Npz-Holding Refinery supports the unique A. Katolikov Agricultural Boarding School. Alongside a general secondary education, its male graduates are trained as tractor drivers; its female graduates as crop breeders. At the same time, students acquire both theoretical knowledge and practical skills: the agricultural boarding school has its own farm, including 227 ha of land, greenhouses, a poultry farm and a livestock unit. The students conduct research under the assignment of the Biology Institute – the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.


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